Pro bono

Attorneys Association "Bauman Kondratyuk" within the PRO BONO provides a free legal aid to citizens of Ukraine, charitable and public organisations, which cannot pay for a legal services.

Providing a legal aid within the PRO BONO is not limited to giving consultations. We provide the complete legal support of the clients' interests. Also, we can help with the creation of the public organisations, in carrying out cultural performances (exhibitions, concerts, etc.) or represent the clients' interests in courts.

Attorneys Association "Bauman Kondratyuk" considers requests on providing the free legal help to cultural and educational institutions, charitable and public organisations, and to individuals.

Attorneys Association "Bauman Kondratyuk" reserves the right to give refuse on requests on providing free legal aid on a grant basis.

Attorneys Association "Bauman Kondratyuk" does not consider applications on providing the free legal help on property-related disputes, such as debt collection, recognition of the property right, credit disputes with financial institutions, etc.

Send your requests for providing free legal aid to the following address: office@bkadvisers.com.ua