Administrative and legal protection of business

The State provides constant supervision of business activities by carrying out an audit. Public authorities often try to carry out inspections in random order. As a result, public officials often perform groundless pressure upon entrepreneurs, which leads to freezing of business activity.

We closely monitor to make impossible the illegal demands of state control bodies to our clients. The activity of our team is aimed at reducing the number of points of contact between our clients and state control bodies and avoiding illegal interventions of monitoring bodies in their work.

Our services:

  • the legal monitoring of actions of the state control bodies;
  • risks assessment regarding the failure to meet requirements of state control bodies;
  • preparation of written answers on requirements of state control bodies;
  • legal support during the audit of a client by the state control bodies;
  • legal support to the management of a client in cases of administrative offenses: the appeal of resolutions in cases of administrative offenses, participation in administrative trials;
  • challenging and cancelling of decisions of public authorities in the administrative and court trials;
  • representation of clients' interests in all cases of interaction with state authorities and local governments;
  • Consultation on obtaining allowing documents and assistance in forming the package of necessary documents for obtaining allowing documents.