Labor and migration law

The relationships between the employer and workers always affect the growth of the business. Internal conflicts always make the development of the company impossible. We are convinced that the labour relationships demand emphasis and specific legal regulation. We base our consultations on legislation, judicial practice, explanations of public authorities, and our long-term practical experience. Conducting our recommendations in the field of implementation of the labour legislation, we consider wishes of our clients in achieving them own business objectives. We minimise all the risks of conflicts, which can arise between employees and the employer.

We help our clients - the international companies in all cases connected with foreigners' employment in Ukraine.

Our services:

  • preparation of employment contracts and other internal documents which regulate employment relationships;
  • assistance during the signing, execution, and termination of employment contracts;
  • legal support in the resolution of individual and collective employment disputes;
  • legal support during workers’ laid off and dismissal procedure;
  • conducting negotiations with the trade-union organisations and employees;
  • legal assistance in receiving a residence permits for foreigners and permission on employment of foreigners and persons without citizenship in Ukraine;
  • legal support in the preparation and during the audit of the State Labor Service of Ukraine;
  • protection of clients’ interests in the employment disputes in the court;
  • developing of personal data protection documents and implementing of internal personal data protection procedures.